This is a list for My Group of Friends on and off the net, and their friends too. Lets all get to know eachother and create and enormous train of friendship. This group is also created go to along with a chatroom.

This is so when I get a job, or am offline for awhile and not in daily, we can still keep in touch. This group changed to LudetribalChatNation now I changed it back to it's original name. Same Rules apply.

The only rules are:
1. Be respectful, and honest
2. Be open minded
3. No adult content
4. Keep confidentiality. - meaning if someone opens up about a personal experience no matter how wild wacky or crazy it is. What is said here remains here, and within our friendship circle.

If we follow these rules then we should have no problem. Disrespect, to anyone in our circle is grounds to being removed.

We take friendship seriously on this list and not lightly. This is for true friends.

       Casey Heinzism

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