i was wondering since facebook is giving you so much trouble is this how you want to get messags from me


Hello Katie Welcome to my DNatureofDTrain Community Group. Anything you post on this group will share with all members of the group. If you want to contact me off the group..
It is best to email me as dnatureofdtrain @ ,, I would like to build a good active community again. I want to eventually build a social network similar to Facebook too.. Hello, To all the other group members, Welcome and thanks for joining... still inviting some.

This group is Family Rated, and will also be my main group for announcements as well.. Which is why I have it set if you want to join any of my groups you have to join this one too.. So I do not have to email the same announcement 5-11 times in a row.. :) .. like our old Yahoo group days.

By the Way groups,io is managed by the same owners that used to run Yahoogroups prior to Yahoo. This is one reason I chose this service... I was one onelist which merged with egroups to become later merged with Yahoo Groups.. then a long came a turd and made them like Facebook... and messed the group formats.. then my friend discovered this service and the owners.. So we are going to try to get everything going again. This is what my group of friends used to do prior to Facebook.

- Casey Heinzism