Yahoo Groups is closing soon


To anyone here that may run or operate Yahoogroups still they are about to close and delete what is left of their services soon

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Hello Katie Welcome to my DNatureofDTrain Community Group. Anything you post on this group will share with all members of the group. If you want to contact me off the group..
It is best to email me as dnatureofdtrain @ ,, I would like to build a good active community again. I want to eventually build a social network similar to Facebook too.. Hello, To all the other group members, Welcome and thanks for joining... still inviting some.

This group is Family Rated, and will also be my main group for announcements as well.. Which is why I have it set if you want to join any of my groups you have to join this one too.. So I do not have to email the same announcement 5-11 times in a row.. :) .. like our old Yahoo group days.

By the Way groups,io is managed by the same owners that used to run Yahoogroups prior to Yahoo. This is one reason I chose this service... I was one onelist which merged with egroups to become later merged with Yahoo Groups.. then a long came a turd and made them like Facebook... and messed the group formats.. then my friend discovered this service and the owners.. So we are going to try to get everything going again. This is what my group of friends used to do prior to Facebook.

- Casey Heinzism



i was wondering since facebook is giving you so much trouble is this how you want to get messags from me

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Sighs This file has been deleted it was uploaded to the wrong group...
I will not be using the group files system much.... I am not liking the files set up... The photo section passes approval..

- DNatureofDTrain


On Wed, 3/15/17, Notification <> wrote:

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File: _HeinzistAmishIndian.txt

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Heinzist Amish Indian Group Archives from Facebook/

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The Team

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File: _HeinzistAmishIndian.txt

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Heinzist Amish Indian Group Archives from Facebook/

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The Team

Greetings all.


Greetings all, and welcome to my new email groups.
This is what we did long before myspace and facebook.
I started back when there was onelist, that turned into egroups.. that turned into yahoogroups...
Then Yahoogroups turned into a facebook clone... So seeking another service that was like the original service I grew to love for years..
I thought we would give a try...
I like their interface and set up.. But we will see if it can handle the activity of our groups, and I hope their download archive feature works too so we can keep our archives.

Facebook seems to be having issues today.. Click share.. and the comment post box goes totally invisbile.. So strange...
I hope they get that resolved soon in the meantime I am going to try to get my old yahoogroup/egroup/onelist members together again and get our community rocking.
I may repost the best of many of my old posts to get this moving too at first..

DNatureofDTrain is my name.. for my sites, and internet presence.. DNatureofDTrain Communities is meant to bring my friends together from many backgrounds. I will expand our subgroups at time goes on to meet our community needs.

It is required to be on all subgroups.. So that hopefully cuts down on all the old cross posting I had to do in the past..
Our Main group:

Our Subgroups are:

dnatureofdtrain | Independenthomeless
This is for Individuals who want to do one-on-one helping other homeless Individuals. - Shelter - Storage - Mailbox - Transportation - Job Hunting - Phone services - Food This is mainly for the homeless that are willing to work hard for individuals in repayment for their help. This is also a group for anyone who needs help to become independent, and is willing to work hard to do so. Wanted:...
Created: Mar 10
Private Archives

(This group you have to be a member of the peace keeping rails, Heinzist tribe, or personally know you to be on, or possible member thinking of joining, or trusted by our members. )
dnatureofdtrain | hai
Heinzist Tribe - Amish Indian New World Order, Peace Keeping Rails
Created: Mar 10
Private Archives

dnatureofdtrain | heinzism
Disclaimer: We are not to be affliated nor associated with Heinz, we are Heinzists, of Heinzism. This has nothing to do with Heinz. Heinzism is an eclectic spiritual path that is based on learning and studying the basic tennants, teachings, and traditions of all spiritual cultures. Heinzists learn all they can from other faiths, and cultures and live their own spirituality out in truth This group is for the...
Public Archives

dnatureofdtrain | mothernatureus
mothernatureus - group for Mother Nature US fans, and people banding together to take action to protect nature.
Created: Mar 10
Private Archives

dnatureofdtrain | rails
Railroad/Train Ethusiasts, and Ramblings! -
This is for Trains and anything Trains and railroad related, and we do mean anything - No Material, may be taken, or forwarded without the permission from the person who posted or shared the post. (unless it says otherwise) If done, it is grounds for removal, and information shared here...
Private Archives

dnatureofdtrain | reltol
Welcome to Tolerant of Religions. We are an informal group. Who have beliefs from more than one, or do not believe in any organized religion. We live off the basic tennants of all of them, and share religious knowledge from each of our backrounds to grow spiritually in all directions. Please feel free to join us, in our quest for mixed spiritual traditions and true growth and searching. It's a journey...
Created: Mar 10
Public Archives

dnatureofdtrain | ripplesofpeace
Let us create ripplesofpeace.. All content shared must be family rated.
Private Archives

dnatureofdtrain | spiritualtrainstation
This is a list for My Group of Friends on and off the net, and their friends too. Lets all get to know eachother and create and enormous train of friendship. This group is also created go to along with a chatroom. This is so when I get a job, or am offline for awhile and not in daily, we can still keep in touch. This group changed to
LudetribalChatNation now I changed it back to it's original name...
Private Archives

Our community rules is to follow group.ios terms of service..

And our tribe's our Heinzist Tribe's guidelines.. ..

To sum it up: No illegal activity..
No harassment or discrimination:
Be respectful...

Thank you all for taking interest in DNatureofDTrain Community I hope you all make new friends, and enjoy.
This is Family Rated...All groups are Family rated.. And what is posted on group stays on group unless the post says to share it.
All group members retain copyrights over their posts and photos, if you want to share another's photos, or writings from the group you must ask permission.

- Casey Heinzism

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