Disclaimer: We are not to be affliated nor associated with Heinz, we are Heinzists, of Heinzism. This has nothing to do with Heinz.
Heinzism is an eclectic spiritual path that is based on learning and studying the basic tennants, teachings, and traditions of all spiritual cultures. Heinzists learn all they can from other faiths, and cultures and live their own spirituality out in truth
This group is for the Heinzists, and for all those who are interested in joining the Heinzist faith. Heinzism is just a word I termed for my eclectic Spiritual path and faith. - DNatureofDTrain

We are not a non-profit organization, church, circle, or coven. We are just people of an open and ecletic faith using this group to come together, learn and pray.

Heinzism is my personal eclectic path based on trying to find the basic tennants within the spiritual culture of all religions. To further fullfil and reach the spiritual life of everyone. Using  different traditions, ceremonies, and cultures blended together. Based on what Spirit has shown and taught to me to share with others as well.

Thanks for coming.

May the Mother of Mothers, Father of Fathers, and Spirit of all of the ascended masters cast their blessing upon you all. Thanks for visiting and please come again or feel free to join this list. No advertising or spam please.

In a Recent Meditation Spirit has told me We are also Rainbow Warriors.
   Casey Heinzism

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