This is for Individuals who want to do one-on-one helping other homeless Individuals.

- Shelter
- Storage
- Mailbox
- Transportation
- Job Hunting
- Phone services
- Food

This is mainly for the homeless that are willing to work hard for individuals in repayment for their help.

This is also a group for anyone who needs help to become independent, and is willing to work hard to do so.

Wanted: People to help transport to and from jobs, and medical
Wanted: People who are willing to pay others to do small chores or favors.
Wanted: People to provide free storage areas to people who need it.
Wanted: People to help compile a list of Free Services homeless people can use. (Free Campgrounds, Public Toilets,
temporary shelter.) A list of Shelters and charities to refer people to, if they are beyond your range of help.
Wanted: Individuals who are willing to take in and adopt homeless individuals in exchange for their help.
Wanted: Businesses who are willing to hire homeless people..
Wanted: People who are willing to offer free education and training to the homeless
Wanted: People who run free support groups.
Wanted: People who can compile a directory of thrift shops, and stores where homeless can sell their own made projects on consignment.
Wanted: Homeless People who are willing to work, or do LEGAL favors in exchange for help. (Garden helping out with chores, Babysitting etc.)

This Group is for Individuals wanting to help Individuals.. that do not want to become dependant or are trying to become independant from charities, Family, and Government programs.

This Group is not responsible for any damages, or losses any indivdual may recieve during participation.

This group does NOT collect money, or items. What this group does is allows individuals to connect with individuals to see if they can help each other.

This list is not for SCAMMERs. This is for real hard workers all scammers will be banned, and reported.

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